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Happy (belated) Birthday to… me!

Posted by melancholygeek on March 30, 2009

The report of my death was an exaggeration.

Yes, I’m alive and well, thanks for your concern. And more than that, a year and a week ago today, Happy Zombie Jesus Day – a despite the probably offending title rather insignificant post, mostly about Battlestar Galactica – marked the birth of the internet persona you all have grown to love (or not so much in case you’re a Kara/Lee shipper) – melancholygeek. And yes, I know that I’ve been awfully quiet the last couple of, well, months, but there were good reasons, or at least that’s what I’d like to make you believe. Sometimes Real Life ™ takes its toll, and once you’ve been drawn in there it can be hard to maintain a healthy cyber-social-life. And should this last sentence somehow sound wrong to you, congratulations, there is hope for you yet.

Seriously, it’s not that I didn’t miss blogging, tweeting and participating in other online activities, I just got, well, lazy seems rather strong a word, seeing that I have been quite busy. Let’s say comfortable. But the restlessness grew stronger in this one, and over the past couple of days I slowly crawled back in my Other Life ™. And here I am again. But this post here shouldn’t be about explaining my recent absence. It’s my birthday post, and after the jump, I’ll do what people do on such days… I’ll look back on the awesome year that was the last and make wild speculations about what may lie ahead. So join this jolly good fellow (for that he is) in his shameless self-adulation…

When I started this blog, well, it was merely to find a new means to express myself, as it is for most bloggers out there I guess. That it became one of the top spots for condensed Battlestar Galactica spoilers (with occasionally higher google ratings than The Patriot Resource) was never the plan (no pun intended), but hey I didn’t mind. Battlestar Galactica of course was (and probably will be for quite some time) the main theme of this very site and most of my other activities as melancholygeek. My love for BSG and all that came with it was what probably defined this year for me, but in far more ways than just the hits on this blog.
It gave me the opportunity to meet some of the most remarkable people ever, both online and IRL. Starting with the pure awesomeness that is The Love Shack, the Callum Keith Rennie “Leoben” Appreciation Thread over at the SciFi forums. You girls (and occasional guys) are in many ways the blood in the veins of this geek. And even more, since I had the chance to actually meet some of you in person, at last year’s Trinity In Space Convention. This of course marked the highlight of my geek year, mainly – but not only – because of the ad hoc formation of what ever since is known as The Significant Six. This nerdtastic band of BSGeeks outweighs by far even my infamous run-in with Matthew Bennett, which by itself will be something to be remembered for ages to come.
But there was so much more. One of my proudest moments was when the wonderful C asked me to fill a guest spot in the remarkable Callum Keith Rennie online archive The CKR Files. I can’t tell you how much fun it was to write the BSG article! For me personally, this was even more of an honor than the references to this humble blog in the Secrets Of Battlestar Galactica podcast or on some of my favorite sites, like, c6d_weekly or
And don’t get me even started on the marvelous BSG-related comments and write-ins by such august people like the guys from BSGCast and battlestarwiki.

But also apart from all things BSG, I got to get in touch with so many wonderful people, there is no way of listing all of them. Be it fellow wordpress-blogger Tanveer, twitter-friend @tmzcori or personal heroes/gods like Brian Dunaway or, I shiver even typing her name, Veronica Belmont.
And speaking of twitter, apart from this blog, signing up there was probably the best idea this geek-year. If you’re already on, follow me to let me know, if not, sign up. It changed my online-life by a lot.

But Battlestar Galactica is over, you say, and twitter is old news. What comes next for the melancholy geek?

Well, I can’t promise anything, seeing that schedules obviously don’t really work for me. But for me BSG is all but over. I still owe you a bunch of Impressions, only problem there is, they are really quite a lot of work, so I can’t really tell when I’ll be able to get on them. And there are other things BSG I would love to make a post or two about. Plus, The Plan is still ahead, and so is Caprica, so fear not, the Old Girl will still be popping up here every now and then.

Another thing for which I can guarantee is another convention-coverage, seeing that I’ll be attending FedCon XVIII in about a month from now. And it will bear the reunion of at least parts of The Significant Six. So stay tuned.

Additionally, it has already been hinted at that I might be doing some BSG-related guest-blogging again, so keep your feelers out for that.

But BSG is not all that’s on my mind, and I have quite a bunch of ideas for posts related to other TV series (Dollhouse, The Big Bang Theory, Flashpoint, to name a few), physics (it’s my day job after all), music, books, webcomics, computer-related stuff, the interwebs in general,… I could go on. So, it’s not whether I find anything to write about, it’s just whether I find the time. But I sincerely hope I will. And I definitely hope, you’ll stick around to read, comment, tweet and e-mail me and in general enjoy my ramblings.

So, here’s to another melancholy, geeky year! Happy Birthday to me.


8 Responses to “Happy (belated) Birthday to… me!”

  1. Happy Birthday!

    I’d been worried about you, ’cause you’ve been too quiet…*g*

  2. Mir said

    Happy Birthday, guapo!

    I missed you a lot 😦

  3. Tyrella said

    Good to have you back. Missed you a lot. I’m proud to be part of last years highlight. It was the same for me.

    Happy (belated) birthday MG!

  4. Hey MG,

    Happy belated birthday. 🙂 Glad to see you’ve taken a break from the particle accelerator (or whatever physics-related device du jour you’ve pried your eyes away from) to update the blog. And I too am glad that the blogosphere/Twitterverse has put me in touch with such great people such as yourself.

    As for BSG (hey, you know I had to go there 🙂 ), I think the time is not over for blogging about it yet. Indeed, I still have to put up the next part of my review of the series finale (its ending up being a multi-part review as there’s just so much to discuss). Here’s hoping Caprica will offer the same depth and attention to multi-layered character examinations that BSG gave us to feast on.

    Again, happy belated birthday and all the best.

    • Thanks Tanveer!

      And, yes, you’re pretty spot on with the particle accelerator 😉

      I hope I’ll be having the time soon to share some of my thoughts concerning the Old Gal, but until then, I’m glad people like you keep the fandom alive! And while I’m still somewhat undecided about Caprica, I’m still looking forward to it.

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