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A Word To My Tweeps

Posted by melancholygeek on June 7, 2009

As you probably know already, I do love Twitter.  And I do love it for a variety of reasons, most of which stem from the original idea behind the service, micro-blogging. I can get stuff off my chest that don’t really fit in a regular blog post and I can do so quick and easy, from basically everywhere. I can get easily digestible pieces of information about topics I care about. I get updates about what people I’m interested in or care about are up to. I get as-it-happens notifications when some page updates or some more or less groundbreaking things happen. And I like that.

Of course I’m aware of the fact that Twitter has grown to be much more than a micro-blogging platform. It’s a social network, in many ways probably not unlike Facebook or MySpace (I can only assume since I’m not active on either of them). People stay in contact, get to know new people, joke around, send links, start memes. And while this of course is a vital part of what makes Twitter so appealing to many as well as something I did profit from in some ways, it also poses a problem for me occasionally.

I’ve seen people using Twitter in a lot of ways. Some walk down the same path I do, some are just plain silly (which can be fun!), some are shameless show-offs and others are basically information-leeches who don’t tweet themselves. All these are people I can perfectly deal with by thinking before following or occasionally even unfollowing, if things get unbearable. The problems arise when the social-network-part of Twitter kicks in.

Since Twitter is so easy and quick to use, some people I follow, and who follow each other, use it more along the lines of an instant messenger, using @repiles. And I can see the appeal. You don’t have to be on the same network and you can use it basically everywhere, on any computer,on your phone or wherever. There has been quite some fuss in the twitterverse lately when Twitter decided that you as a user can only see @replies from people you follow when they are directed to someone you follow as well (there is also the possibility of using direct messages that only the two conversing parties can see). People strongly opposed that change, seeing that being able to see all those replies might spark your interest in the other party and thus introduce you to another person to follow.

You probably already see where this is headed: While I see the point of the people opposing the @replies change, they probably don’t follow many IM-over-Twitter users.

I’m not following that many people. Some celebrities to satisfy my stalker needs, some news services (and I apply this tag generously) and some people whose opinions on certain topics I cherish a lot. And of course, due to my focus on specific interests, quite some of those people follow each other as well. And some of those, you guessed it, do ‘chat’ a lot among each other. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a reason why I followed these people in the first place and that reason didn’t disappear all of a sudden. They are people I hold dear, people I have never met, yes, but like very much. I love my tweeps. But what I also love is all I stated in the first paragraph of this post. And the sound you’re hearing right now is two worlds colliding.

You see, Twitter isn’t like an e-mail inbox where I can decide which mails to read directly and which to save for later or even discard. Tweets are there, unfiltered, unmarked. and waiting to be read one after the other (Yes, I know there are many applications that deal with this issue, but I can’t use them every place I use Twitter, so that doesn’t really solve my problem). And while I occasionally like to witness conversations about whatever topic between my tweeps, most of the time I really just want to get my quick fix on news, updates and sillies, without having to actually search for them among dozens of tweets that don’t really concern me.

So, to bring this rant to an end, some of my tweeps will notice a -1 on the number of their followers in the near future and that will be me unfollowing you. It’s not personal, and I already prepared a different means to stay in touch for those that care to do so. But I just like my Twitter like my women, easily manageable and not too chatty.


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5 Things I Learned From Dollhouse (so far)

Posted by melancholygeek on April 12, 2009

dollhouseHappy Zombie Jesus Day everyone! I sincerely hope you enjoyed the holidays so far! I for one spent most of the time reminding myself why I stopped watching The Simpsons and Family Guy (caught up a little on the latest seasons… nah, sorry, you lost me), watching old Buffy episodes on DVD and being amazed how good Dollhouse actually is.

And the latter actually got me thinking, about why I’m watching it, why I’m following the fansites and what this all means to me. And all this thinking resulted in some thoughts I’d like to share with you, the five things I learned from Dollhouse (so far), right here, after the cut…

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Happy (belated) Birthday to… me!

Posted by melancholygeek on March 30, 2009

The report of my death was an exaggeration.

Yes, I’m alive and well, thanks for your concern. And more than that, a year and a week ago today, Happy Zombie Jesus Day – a despite the probably offending title rather insignificant post, mostly about Battlestar Galactica – marked the birth of the internet persona you all have grown to love (or not so much in case you’re a Kara/Lee shipper) – melancholygeek. And yes, I know that I’ve been awfully quiet the last couple of, well, months, but there were good reasons, or at least that’s what I’d like to make you believe. Sometimes Real Life ™ takes its toll, and once you’ve been drawn in there it can be hard to maintain a healthy cyber-social-life. And should this last sentence somehow sound wrong to you, congratulations, there is hope for you yet.

Seriously, it’s not that I didn’t miss blogging, tweeting and participating in other online activities, I just got, well, lazy seems rather strong a word, seeing that I have been quite busy. Let’s say comfortable. But the restlessness grew stronger in this one, and over the past couple of days I slowly crawled back in my Other Life ™. And here I am again. But this post here shouldn’t be about explaining my recent absence. It’s my birthday post, and after the jump, I’ll do what people do on such days… I’ll look back on the awesome year that was the last and make wild speculations about what may lie ahead. So join this jolly good fellow (for that he is) in his shameless self-adulation…

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BSG ‘Sometimes A Great Notion’ Clip And Spoiler Policy

Posted by melancholygeek on January 6, 2009

BSGFirst and foremost a shout-out to newgeek who gave me the idea for this post (and a heads-up concerning the SaGN clip). You see, feedback is always appreciated and might even lead to a post, just for you. So click the fish, anytime.

Secondly, you might have already noticed, but I didn’t have the time to post it yet: SciFi Wire has an exclusive sneak peek at what I guess is the beginning of the next episode, Sometimes A Great Notion. It’s a little short of two minutes and I won’t tell you what it’s about, but you might find the last 16 seconds of it slightly spoilery. (It’s not on YouTube yet, so no embedding here)

Speaking of spoilers. Lately, some heroines of the net, namely ProgGrrl at Galactica Sitrep and Maureen Ryan at the the Chicago Tribune have posted about their stance towards spoilers concerning Battlestar Galactica’s final episodes (see here and here). The common denominator for both is: DO NOT WANT. Well, here’s my view (basically because I was actually asked for it):

Concerning this blog
Well, what can I say? the Google search query ‘battlestar galactica season 4.5 spoilers‘ for a long time gave this blog as first result (only lately The Patriot Resource [CAUTION SPOILER, duh] managed to overtake me again – Just you wait!). In general I guess it’s safe to assume that the posts dealing with BSG spoilers generate the most of my traffic here. So of course, I’ll keep on posting them.
But (and this is what probably sets me apart from TPR), even if you chose for yourself the way of the spirgin (spoiler-virgin, thanks ProgGrrl for this addendum to my vocabulary), you can still visit here and browse my postings. I (at least try to) never post spoilers openly but hide them behind cuts or print them white-on-white, so you have to highlight them. I throw [SPOILER ALERTS] around a lot. And if you click on the ‘play’ button of an embedded video without reading the post itself first, well, that’s your bad, not mine.
I can promise you this, I respect the spirgins in my audience and will stick to the policy stated above. If you don’t want to be spoiled, you won’t be on this blog. If you consciously choose to be, knock yourselves out.

Concerning melancholygeek
I admit it, I’m a spoiler-addict. Without io9’s Morning Spoilers, my day wouldn’t be complete. I read and watch everything I can get my hands on. Why you might ask? Because I hate surprises. As a kid, I knew all (and I mean ALL) my Christmas presents by the end of November. And I loved it! Anticipation is the greatest pleasure or so they say, and I tend to agree. Uncertainty isn’t (for me). I hate guessing, I hate hoping. But I can’t leave matters alone either. I just need to know.
Spoilers saved me from watching Indiana Jones and the Epic Skullf*ck in the theater, spoilers made me twitch with anticipation once BSG’s The Hub started (there’s a witness). I’m not saying, spoilers are the way to go for everybody, I’m no missionary. I just say, spoilers are what fuels my fire.
But you ruin your experience! No, not from where I’m standing. For me, knowing what is going to happen enhances my experience. Seeing how things are played out, how stuff evolves to reach that conclusion I know is going to happen makes me happy. It is definitely a different experience, yes, but I wouldn’t go so far to say it makes things worse.
And, concerning just that, I haven’t, for instance, watched the final The Face Of The Enemy episode yet, although it’s available for quite some time now. I know what happens, I know how the story ends, but I want to see it when it happens, and definitely not before I’ve seen episode 9. Because watching it beforehand, that would definitely ruin my experience.

I can only hope this clarifies my stance towards spoilers a little and made sense for you, just a little at least.

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In which I become a hipster late adopter

Posted by melancholygeek on December 9, 2008

So, just a quick heads-up concerning the top right corner of this humble little page. No, not that, that’s the header, a bit lower… yes, yes, right below the search box… yes, YES! You got it! Right where it says MG@Twitter. Well, basically it’s just that. I signed up for Twitter.

Why you might ask. Well, mainly because I wanted to follow a couple of people I knew were using it and I’m just a passionate stalker. And perhaps a little vanity was part of the decision, to see how many followers I might attract.

So why should you follow me? Well, first and foremost you get as-it-happens notifications about new posts on this blog, so that’s something, no? Additionally, I’ll most probably twit… twitter… tweet.. whatever anytime I find some interesting link, especially about Battlestar Galactica, so you won’t wait for the next Linkroll to appear on this blog. Last but not least you’ll probably get to know your melancholy geek a little better. Don’t worry, I dont think I’ll get on my mobile anytime I take a dump to inform you about that. But occasionally I might drop a little personal note. And probably you’ll even find something interesting amongst the people I’m following, like the wonderful Veronica Belmont, the omni-awesome Wil Wheaton or the adorable Kate Hewlett.

And who knows, perhaps I might even start following you. But don’t get mad if I don’t, I’m really trying to keep the  list short so I don’t get totally lost in the twitterverse.

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Trinity In Space Impressions, Day 3 (Beyond Thunderdome)

Posted by melancholygeek on December 6, 2008

BSGWhat a con so far! I got to know the most remarkable people which led to the ad hoc formation of The Significant Six, kinda like The Avengers, only way, way cooler. We encountered foes in battles that soon will be legend: The Meet & Greet of Doom, the Shower Hose of Horror, the Panels of Panic, the Workshop of Wrath (or better Fremdschämen) and, most notable, the Party from Hell. And we prevailed! More than that, the little rag-tag group of connies came out of it better, stronger, faster… and in my case even with a free beer.

What’s to face for our heroes on this last day? More panels, another workshop (/o\) and of course the time to say good bye.

So grab your hankies and prepare yourself for the grand finale of The Significant Six vs. The Con, right here, after the cut.

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Trinity In Space Impressions Day 2.5, Part 2 (With A Vengance)

Posted by melancholygeek on December 1, 2008

BSGI hope everyone recovered from the awesomeness that is The Hoff and we’re ready to finally wrap Day 2 of The Significant Six vs. The Con.

So far, the guests were nice, nicer than expected perhaps, the panels were great, lunch even better and Bad Salzdetfurth… well, there.

We left off after Matthew Bennett’s panel which was amusing, to say the least. And to which you’ll get the transcript soon …ish. Promise. But first there are more important(?) matters that need coverage. namely Tony Amendola’s workshop, a Quiz and… The Party!

How did The Significant Six fare, confronted with such strange affairs? How did I end up in the girl’s (hotel!) room? When is a beer better than free? And what happened to all my cigarettes? Find out at least some of the answers, right here, after the cut…

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Trinity In Space Impressions Day 2.5 (Electric Bogaloo)

Posted by melancholygeek on November 29, 2008

BSGAlright, after this little digression concerning female tushies and the shower hose of horror, back to the actual con report.

Saturday’s program was packed with panels, photo- and autograph sessions, a workshop by Tony Amendola, a quiz and of course the con party, so basically what you would expect on the main day. But what was actually to expect? You might remember, I was a con virgin so far and I wasn’t alone with that in our little group, The Significant Six. How upfront will the guests be, how awkward will it get in the workshops? What is it exactly that a hundred and some nerds call a party? Should I have watched at least something of Stargate? Will I get completely lost with Matthew Bennett as the only straw in the stream to cling to (what a disturbing thought)?

Trust me, the answers to some of these questions surprised me a lot, so get ready for one hell of a ride when the adventures of The Significant Six continue with The Day That Wouldn’t End, right after the break.

[Edit: I might just as well call this the post that wouldn’t end, for it takes me way longer to write than I anticipated. Plus I have a bunch of other stuff to do. So this post will just cover what turned out to be half of the day, more hopefully tomorrow]

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Trinity In Space Impressions Day 2.0 (This time it’s personal)

Posted by melancholygeek on November 28, 2008

BSGAaand, we’re back! And before we continue the coverage of a geek’s journey to the forbidden land, here’s a quick shout-out to someone who’s grown very dear to me over the course of events that were the Trinity In Space convention. The marvelous Tyrella, whom I mentioned in the first part of these Impressions, although not by name, obviously couldn’t keep to herself concerning the last weekend either and runs her own Trinity In Space report over at her LJ. As you might have guessed she has also been part of our little connie group (I might refer to in the following as The Significant Six) and does a wonderful job in giving her impressions of the con. So, before reading any further, head over there and get a second opinion from one of the most fascinating and adorable people I was to meet in a long, long time!

Back on topic: Yours truly joined a rag-tag band of non-smelly nerds on their quest for survival in the most hostile of surroundings – The Con! Having encountered their first obstacle, the dreaded Meet & Greet Of Doom – and prevailed! – The Significant Six are now to face their next challenge: The day that wouldn’t end!

This here now is merely the prelude to said epic battle, because there are some things I have to get out of my system beforehand. So bear with me, tomorrow you’ll get the full monty, but today, I just need to do what I rarely do and jot down some personal and not so con related things. Feel free to skip this if you just want to know more about the guests (tomorrow, promise), but if you want to learn a bit about yours truly, please stay.

Expect scantily clad female bottoms, showers that fight back and the weirdest breakfast habits you’ll ever read about. Right here, after the cut.

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Trinity In Space Impressions Day 1

Posted by melancholygeek on November 27, 2008

BSGAs mentioned earlier, I spent the weekend out of town, namely in the lovely Bad Salzdetfurth, Germany, and frankly, that’s about as far out of town you can possibly get. Seriously, when ever you feel like getting away from it all and you happen to be in Germany, BaSa (as I’ll abbreviate it from now on) is the place for you.

Not so this last weekend though, for the local hotel housed the Trinity In Space Convention, organized by Wolfevents, a joint convention for all things Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis and, you might have guessed it, Battlestar Galactica.

Before I dive into the unspeakable abyss of awesome (much) and gruesome (little) that was this weekend, some starters to set things into perspective.

a) I had never been to a con before. I just never thought me the type to drool over celebrities, put on weird costumes and rub shoulders with sweaty, smelly nerds (yup, that’s what I imagined cons to be. Sue me.).

b) Stargate for me is a decent movie starring Kurt Russell. Of course I was aware of the way the franchise had developed, but I never consciously watched any episode of SG-1 or SGA.

c) The one and only reason for me to decide to go there was the appearance of Callum Keith Rennie, whom, as an actor, I admire beyond what is healthy. The fact that I’d meet some other people there I had contact over the internets with of course put the cream and chocolate sprinkles on top, but I booked everything mainly because of The Rennie. Of course, he canceled a couple of days before the event.

So, was it the best of times? Was it the worst of times? Find out after the cut.

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