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Thank You For The Ride (FedCon Prelude)

Posted by melancholygeek on May 8, 2009

BSGYes, I have promised FedCon coverage, I know. But this week has been hell, plus I’m not quite done getting my head straight after the awesomeness that was the convention. The people I’ve met there, the guests, the atmosphere… Blew me away. So bear with me, you’ll get your scoop, probably starting this weekend.

Firstly though, here’s a fanvid by Mayanvideos that was shown right before the Battlestar Galactica panel with Olmos, Hogan and Hatch on Sunday. It’s set to a German song by Herbert Grönemeyer, but there’s subtitles, so don’t worry too much about it. But you probably want to have some tissues ready, for it still brings tears to my eyes triggers my allergies.

Make sure you also check out the HD version here.

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Trinity In Space Impressions, Conclusion

Posted by melancholygeek on December 30, 2008

BSGThe year is nearing its end and as you know there are still some loose ends to tie up. First and foremost, what’s still missing is my final conclusion on what was this year’s Trinity In Space convention in Bad Salzdetfurth, Germany. Should you have followed the coverage of said event on this blog, you might already guess that the final verdict might lean a little towards the positive side. But first, lets briefly recapitulate the main points of the con, under the cut:

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Trinity In Space Impressions, Matthew Bennett Sunday Panel

Posted by melancholygeek on December 26, 2008

BSGAs promised, here’s the write-up of Matthew Bennett’s second panel at this year’s Trinity In Space convention in Bad Salzdetfurth, Germany.

But before we go on with the coverage, one a little more personal thing.Yesterday’s post got me quite a bunch of linkage and (new?) visitors, which is of course great. I know, I (or better, Matt) might have crushed some people’s hopes concerning the Final Cylon, and I’m sorry for you guys (mainly because you still thought it could be him! C’mon, seriously!). But there is one other thing that strikes me as odd. I got quite some traffic from the Cold Dead Seed forum over at, which is a Buffy/Angel fan-forum. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan myself (Spuffy-shipper, if you need to know), but I can’t remember posting anything about that here. And of course, once again, I can’t access the posts that link here. So if anyone could give me a little heads-up there, it’d be highly appreciated (Hey, I’m curious! OK, probably it’s vanity, but still…)

But enough of that, here you go, Matthew Bennett’s Sunday panel, right here, after the cut:

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Trinity In Space Impressions, Matthew Bennett Saturday Panel

Posted by melancholygeek on December 25, 2008

BSGYou might not have been prepared for this, but yes, I do remember that there’s still some parts of the Trinity In Space convention (featuring The Significant Six) that need coverage. Apart from the final conclusion, which will be posted eventually, there’s two panels I just was too lazy to transcribe in the past month (/o\), namely the Saturday and Sunday panels with Matthew Bennett.

Seeing that it’s the holiday season and all, I finally got my ass up and did at least half of the transcribing and here you go, a little Christmas gift from your melancholy geek, the Trinity In Space Saturday panel, featuring Matthew Bennett, right after the cut:

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Trinity In Space Impressions: The ‘The Plan’ Spoilers

Posted by melancholygeek on December 9, 2008

What you’re actually looking for, highlight to read :: A Rickroll, WTF? Yes, there has been other content here, more related to the post title. It’s gone now. There’s a reason for that. This is all you need to know. Move along. ::

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Trinity In Space Impressions, Day 3 (Beyond Thunderdome)

Posted by melancholygeek on December 6, 2008

BSGWhat a con so far! I got to know the most remarkable people which led to the ad hoc formation of The Significant Six, kinda like The Avengers, only way, way cooler. We encountered foes in battles that soon will be legend: The Meet & Greet of Doom, the Shower Hose of Horror, the Panels of Panic, the Workshop of Wrath (or better Fremdschämen) and, most notable, the Party from Hell. And we prevailed! More than that, the little rag-tag group of connies came out of it better, stronger, faster… and in my case even with a free beer.

What’s to face for our heroes on this last day? More panels, another workshop (/o\) and of course the time to say good bye.

So grab your hankies and prepare yourself for the grand finale of The Significant Six vs. The Con, right here, after the cut.

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Trinity In Space Impressions – Intermission (No Hoff this time)

Posted by melancholygeek on December 3, 2008

BSGBelieve me guys, I’d really like to wrap these Impressions, especially seeing that there will be quite some aftermath to these posts (there are panels to transcribe, conclusions to draw…) but right now, I really don’t have the time, sorry. Tomorrow. I guess.

But of course I won’t leave you hanging without any consolation prize! The German BSG site Caprica City not only did an interview with Matthew Bennett during the Trinity In Space (linkage follows), they also managed to get him to agree to a little video greeting (guess it wasn’t all that hard seeing what an okay guy he is). It’s directed to their members, but I guess what he says holds true for all of us. So, I present you, courtesy of lexspartan and, with the man himself: Matthew Bennett:

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Trinity In Space Impressions Day 2.5, Part 2 (With A Vengance)

Posted by melancholygeek on December 1, 2008

BSGI hope everyone recovered from the awesomeness that is The Hoff and we’re ready to finally wrap Day 2 of The Significant Six vs. The Con.

So far, the guests were nice, nicer than expected perhaps, the panels were great, lunch even better and Bad Salzdetfurth… well, there.

We left off after Matthew Bennett’s panel which was amusing, to say the least. And to which you’ll get the transcript soon …ish. Promise. But first there are more important(?) matters that need coverage. namely Tony Amendola’s workshop, a Quiz and… The Party!

How did The Significant Six fare, confronted with such strange affairs? How did I end up in the girl’s (hotel!) room? When is a beer better than free? And what happened to all my cigarettes? Find out at least some of the answers, right here, after the cut…

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Trinity In Space Impressions Day 2.5 (Electric Bogaloo)

Posted by melancholygeek on November 29, 2008

BSGAlright, after this little digression concerning female tushies and the shower hose of horror, back to the actual con report.

Saturday’s program was packed with panels, photo- and autograph sessions, a workshop by Tony Amendola, a quiz and of course the con party, so basically what you would expect on the main day. But what was actually to expect? You might remember, I was a con virgin so far and I wasn’t alone with that in our little group, The Significant Six. How upfront will the guests be, how awkward will it get in the workshops? What is it exactly that a hundred and some nerds call a party? Should I have watched at least something of Stargate? Will I get completely lost with Matthew Bennett as the only straw in the stream to cling to (what a disturbing thought)?

Trust me, the answers to some of these questions surprised me a lot, so get ready for one hell of a ride when the adventures of The Significant Six continue with The Day That Wouldn’t End, right after the break.

[Edit: I might just as well call this the post that wouldn’t end, for it takes me way longer to write than I anticipated. Plus I have a bunch of other stuff to do. So this post will just cover what turned out to be half of the day, more hopefully tomorrow]

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Trinity In Space Impressions Day 2.0 (This time it’s personal)

Posted by melancholygeek on November 28, 2008

BSGAaand, we’re back! And before we continue the coverage of a geek’s journey to the forbidden land, here’s a quick shout-out to someone who’s grown very dear to me over the course of events that were the Trinity In Space convention. The marvelous Tyrella, whom I mentioned in the first part of these Impressions, although not by name, obviously couldn’t keep to herself concerning the last weekend either and runs her own Trinity In Space report over at her LJ. As you might have guessed she has also been part of our little connie group (I might refer to in the following as The Significant Six) and does a wonderful job in giving her impressions of the con. So, before reading any further, head over there and get a second opinion from one of the most fascinating and adorable people I was to meet in a long, long time!

Back on topic: Yours truly joined a rag-tag band of non-smelly nerds on their quest for survival in the most hostile of surroundings – The Con! Having encountered their first obstacle, the dreaded Meet & Greet Of Doom – and prevailed! – The Significant Six are now to face their next challenge: The day that wouldn’t end!

This here now is merely the prelude to said epic battle, because there are some things I have to get out of my system beforehand. So bear with me, tomorrow you’ll get the full monty, but today, I just need to do what I rarely do and jot down some personal and not so con related things. Feel free to skip this if you just want to know more about the guests (tomorrow, promise), but if you want to learn a bit about yours truly, please stay.

Expect scantily clad female bottoms, showers that fight back and the weirdest breakfast habits you’ll ever read about. Right here, after the cut.

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