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A Word To My Tweeps

Posted by melancholygeek on June 7, 2009

As you probably know already, I do love Twitter.  And I do love it for a variety of reasons, most of which stem from the original idea behind the service, micro-blogging. I can get stuff off my chest that don’t really fit in a regular blog post and I can do so quick and easy, from basically everywhere. I can get easily digestible pieces of information about topics I care about. I get updates about what people I’m interested in or care about are up to. I get as-it-happens notifications when some page updates or some more or less groundbreaking things happen. And I like that.

Of course I’m aware of the fact that Twitter has grown to be much more than a micro-blogging platform. It’s a social network, in many ways probably not unlike Facebook or MySpace (I can only assume since I’m not active on either of them). People stay in contact, get to know new people, joke around, send links, start memes. And while this of course is a vital part of what makes Twitter so appealing to many as well as something I did profit from in some ways, it also poses a problem for me occasionally.

I’ve seen people using Twitter in a lot of ways. Some walk down the same path I do, some are just plain silly (which can be fun!), some are shameless show-offs and others are basically information-leeches who don’t tweet themselves. All these are people I can perfectly deal with by thinking before following or occasionally even unfollowing, if things get unbearable. The problems arise when the social-network-part of Twitter kicks in.

Since Twitter is so easy and quick to use, some people I follow, and who follow each other, use it more along the lines of an instant messenger, using @repiles. And I can see the appeal. You don’t have to be on the same network and you can use it basically everywhere, on any computer,on your phone or wherever. There has been quite some fuss in the twitterverse lately when Twitter decided that you as a user can only see @replies from people you follow when they are directed to someone you follow as well (there is also the possibility of using direct messages that only the two conversing parties can see). People strongly opposed that change, seeing that being able to see all those replies might spark your interest in the other party and thus introduce you to another person to follow.

You probably already see where this is headed: While I see the point of the people opposing the @replies change, they probably don’t follow many IM-over-Twitter users.

I’m not following that many people. Some celebrities to satisfy my stalker needs, some news services (and I apply this tag generously) and some people whose opinions on certain topics I cherish a lot. And of course, due to my focus on specific interests, quite some of those people follow each other as well. And some of those, you guessed it, do ‘chat’ a lot among each other. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a reason why I followed these people in the first place and that reason didn’t disappear all of a sudden. They are people I hold dear, people I have never met, yes, but like very much. I love my tweeps. But what I also love is all I stated in the first paragraph of this post. And the sound you’re hearing right now is two worlds colliding.

You see, Twitter isn’t like an e-mail inbox where I can decide which mails to read directly and which to save for later or even discard. Tweets are there, unfiltered, unmarked. and waiting to be read one after the other (Yes, I know there are many applications that deal with this issue, but I can’t use them every place I use Twitter, so that doesn’t really solve my problem). And while I occasionally like to witness conversations about whatever topic between my tweeps, most of the time I really just want to get my quick fix on news, updates and sillies, without having to actually search for them among dozens of tweets that don’t really concern me.

So, to bring this rant to an end, some of my tweeps will notice a -1 on the number of their followers in the near future and that will be me unfollowing you. It’s not personal, and I already prepared a different means to stay in touch for those that care to do so. But I just like my Twitter like my women, easily manageable and not too chatty.


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Dollhouse Twitter-Tempest In A Teapot

Posted by melancholygeek on April 9, 2009

dollhouseJust for completeness’ sake and to get a little new thing started here, a little round-up concerning the latest Dollhouse-buzz:

The lovely @feliciaday tweeted the following a couple of hours ago:

Man, day getting worse and worse. Found out my Dollhouse ep, #13 isn’t gonna air. Only on DVD. Such a great part too. Thx Fox. 😦

(actually I got the news from @drhorrible, but whatever). She is referring to episode 13, Epitaph One, which was thought to be concluding the series’ first season. Her tweet confirms a rising suspicion not only I was getting when putting 1 and 1 together reading a) the specs for the July 28th DVD release of season 1 and b) FOX’s upcoming schedule [SPOILERS], which lists the May 8th episode 12, Omega, as season finale (links via whedonesque).

However, there might not be all too much reason to be alarmed, seeing that the whole story behind the 13th episode is kinda explained for instance here or here. Bottom line (as far as I understand it): FOX ordered 13 episodes, and this batch included the series’ unaired pilot (Every Joss Whedon series needs one, right?) Echo – also on the DVD. So that would have made Omega episode 13, thus the season finale. FOX got delivered yet another episode, former 14, now 13, Epitaph One, which, according to above linked-to sources, unlike Omega, doesn’t really qualify as a finale. So just see it as a DVD bonus feature or something. Of course, everyone and their dog (myself included) would like to see all available episodes aired, especially because Felicia definitely deserves more on-the-air time. On the other hand, if Omega indeed makes for the better finale, giving some kind of closure and/or cliffhanger to this season, well, stopping after that might actually a not-so-bad idea.

So there’s that, and probably, as you might have guessed by the dedicated avatar and category, this is only the first of many whedonverse-related posts on this humble blog. Because, you know, with BSG ended and all, I was on the look-out for another fandom, and with my love for all things Whedon, well, this was a no-brainer. This is no good-bye concerning BSG, more a mere addition to the mix. I still have stuff I want to get out about the old girl, plus I’m rooted way too deeply in that fandom to just pick up my stuff and leave.

UPDATE: Mo Ryan has a way better roundup concerning the Dollhouse situation than I could ever do. Beware of casting spoilers though!

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In which I become a hipster late adopter

Posted by melancholygeek on December 9, 2008

So, just a quick heads-up concerning the top right corner of this humble little page. No, not that, that’s the header, a bit lower… yes, yes, right below the search box… yes, YES! You got it! Right where it says MG@Twitter. Well, basically it’s just that. I signed up for Twitter.

Why you might ask. Well, mainly because I wanted to follow a couple of people I knew were using it and I’m just a passionate stalker. And perhaps a little vanity was part of the decision, to see how many followers I might attract.

So why should you follow me? Well, first and foremost you get as-it-happens notifications about new posts on this blog, so that’s something, no? Additionally, I’ll most probably twit… twitter… tweet.. whatever anytime I find some interesting link, especially about Battlestar Galactica, so you won’t wait for the next Linkroll to appear on this blog. Last but not least you’ll probably get to know your melancholy geek a little better. Don’t worry, I dont think I’ll get on my mobile anytime I take a dump to inform you about that. But occasionally I might drop a little personal note. And probably you’ll even find something interesting amongst the people I’m following, like the wonderful Veronica Belmont, the omni-awesome Wil Wheaton or the adorable Kate Hewlett.

And who knows, perhaps I might even start following you. But don’t get mad if I don’t, I’m really trying to keep the  list short so I don’t get totally lost in the twitterverse.

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