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5 Things I Learned From Dollhouse (so far)

Posted by melancholygeek on April 12, 2009

dollhouseHappy Zombie Jesus Day everyone! I sincerely hope you enjoyed the holidays so far! I for one spent most of the time reminding myself why I stopped watching The Simpsons and Family Guy (caught up a little on the latest seasons… nah, sorry, you lost me), watching old Buffy episodes on DVD and being amazed how good Dollhouse actually is.

And the latter actually got me thinking, about why I’m watching it, why I’m following the fansites and what this all means to me. And all this thinking resulted in some thoughts I’d like to share with you, the five things I learned from Dollhouse (so far), right here, after the cut…

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Dollhouse Twitter-Tempest In A Teapot

Posted by melancholygeek on April 9, 2009

dollhouseJust for completeness’ sake and to get a little new thing started here, a little round-up concerning the latest Dollhouse-buzz:

The lovely @feliciaday tweeted the following a couple of hours ago:

Man, day getting worse and worse. Found out my Dollhouse ep, #13 isn’t gonna air. Only on DVD. Such a great part too. Thx Fox. 😦

(actually I got the news from @drhorrible, but whatever). She is referring to episode 13, Epitaph One, which was thought to be concluding the series’ first season. Her tweet confirms a rising suspicion not only I was getting when putting 1 and 1 together reading a) the specs for the July 28th DVD release of season 1 and b) FOX’s upcoming schedule [SPOILERS], which lists the May 8th episode 12, Omega, as season finale (links via whedonesque).

However, there might not be all too much reason to be alarmed, seeing that the whole story behind the 13th episode is kinda explained for instance here or here. Bottom line (as far as I understand it): FOX ordered 13 episodes, and this batch included the series’ unaired pilot (Every Joss Whedon series needs one, right?) Echo – also on the DVD. So that would have made Omega episode 13, thus the season finale. FOX got delivered yet another episode, former 14, now 13, Epitaph One, which, according to above linked-to sources, unlike Omega, doesn’t really qualify as a finale. So just see it as a DVD bonus feature or something. Of course, everyone and their dog (myself included) would like to see all available episodes aired, especially because Felicia definitely deserves more on-the-air time. On the other hand, if Omega indeed makes for the better finale, giving some kind of closure and/or cliffhanger to this season, well, stopping after that might actually a not-so-bad idea.

So there’s that, and probably, as you might have guessed by the dedicated avatar and category, this is only the first of many whedonverse-related posts on this humble blog. Because, you know, with BSG ended and all, I was on the look-out for another fandom, and with my love for all things Whedon, well, this was a no-brainer. This is no good-bye concerning BSG, more a mere addition to the mix. I still have stuff I want to get out about the old girl, plus I’m rooted way too deeply in that fandom to just pick up my stuff and leave.

UPDATE: Mo Ryan has a way better roundup concerning the Dollhouse situation than I could ever do. Beware of casting spoilers though!

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No More Sea Breezes, Cupcake. R.I.P. Andy Hallett

Posted by melancholygeek on March 31, 2009

180px-andy_hallett_by_ravenuI had a lot of things planned for my return to blogging, but I assure you, obituaries weren’t among them. Sadly, things don’t always go as planned.

I just got word over Twitter, by @moryan, that singer and actor Andy Hallett passed away last Sunday at the age of 33. After a five-year struggle, his heart gave in.

If you can’t place the name but the picture to the left looks vaguely familiar to you, you probably know him as the green-skinned demon Lorne from Joss Whedon’s popular Buffy-spin-off series Angel.

I won’t go on about his role on Angel or other parts of his career, for you can read up on this over at Mo’s column The Watcher, EOnline! or his wikipedia entry.

I usually don’t react so strongly to celebrity deaths, but for Andy, things seem so weird. I just lately finished watching Angel, and actually just recently saw Chance by Amber Benson, also featuring him. I loved his scenes, mostly his part in the park with James Marsters. And I deeply adored the character Lorne. Plus, the circumstances under which I watched both are of a kind that means quite a lot to me.

That and the fact that we were practically the same age just makes me feel… well, not good.

Lacking cranberry and grapefruit juice for a sea breeze, I just can raise a glass of red wine to toast to you Andy.

And seeing that his greatest moments as Lorne will probably be buzzin’ all over the webs anyway, here’s that part from Chance I mentioned, thanks to MissLunacy:

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Speaking Of Joss Whedon

Posted by melancholygeek on July 20, 2008

I now it’s a bit late for this post, but I just noticed the time constraints:

If you are at all into Joss Whedon’s work (Buffy, Angel, Firefly) and especially if you dug Buffy‘s Musical episode Once More, With Feeling (which you should catch if you haven’t seen it, I know lots of people who hated Buffy but still love this episode), you should definitely go and check out Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog!

A three act musical about wannabe Evil Overlord Dr. Horrible, his love-interest Penny and his arch-nemesis Captain Hammer (portrayed by Firefly‘s Nathan Fillon) available for free on the web! The catch: It’s only available until midnight, July 20th (aka today). Latest act has been put online yesterday so that’s why I just thought about posting it here.

If you’ve never been in touch with Whedon’s work before (or just didn’t like it, both of which is hardly imaginable), check it out nevertheless. It’s hilarious and the music is truly great.

On a different note: Final Miniseries Impressions should be up soon-ish.

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Emmys, Final Cylon and Career Moves

Posted by melancholygeek on July 17, 2008

BSGEmmy nominations are out and Battlestar Galactica scored five of them, sadly not Best Actress In Drama, which is a real shame. Check the categories it out here.

Final Cylon news: Obviously the last of the bunch will be revealed sooner than later. My take: Next episode.

And now that shooting our beloved is finally over, where are the TV-careers of some of our friends headed? Let’s take a peek, shall we:

Grace Park (The Cleaner)

Is it any good?

I have no idea. First episode aired this week, but I didn’t watch it. Mainly because I could care less about Miss Park plus the title of the series gives me goosebumps.

Wise career move?

For someone of Grace Park’s class as an actress, I guess everything that gives you a minute of time on the air is a wise career move. Even commercials.

Where would I have seen her?


Tricia Helfer (Burn Notice)

Is it any good?

You bet! Great first season, lovely characters, neat spy-story, really funny. Check it out if you can! I kinda fell in love with it from the pilot episode on.

Wise career move?

Hell yeah! Key role in a rather well established show, best thing to happen! I see a good future for this one.

Where would I have seen her?

Pretty much something along these lines. Chuck maybe. Definitely something lighter, non-SciFi.

Callum Keith Rennie (Californication)

Is it any good?

Actually, yes. I was rather unsure after watching the pilot episode, but then again, it always kinda makes me uncomfortable seeing four sets of boobies in a half-hour episode of something I didn’t download from an obscure website. But after going through the whole season, I have to admit, I was wrong seeing it as just another series trying to push the boundaries after Sex And The City and The L-Word. Duchovny does a great job and most of the other characters are really colorful and played really, really well.

Wise career move?

Hell yeah! Recurring role in a comedic drama beats freak of the week in any given show on earth by far. Guess someone got himself a new agent? I hope it’s somewhat back to the Due South days here and that can only be good. It’s about time he shows his spectrum again by starring in something lighter, funnier without being ridiculous.

Where would I have seen him?

Victim of the week on Dexter, probably serial rapist.

Katee Sackhoff (Nip/Tuck)

Is it any good?

Meh. I did watch a couple of episodes once but it really never hooked me. Then again, I never could warm up for Grey’s Anatomy either and I could imagine they aim for the same demographic.

Wise career move?

Let’s just say, she adds another canceled series to her resume, which is never a good thing. Sackhoff expressed her reluctance for doing SciFi again, which I can understand and seeing that you don’t want to be type-casted so soon in your career, Nip/Tuck might have seemed like a wise move. Too bad.

Where would I have seen her?

Third season of Jericho, being canceled after the first episode.

Tahmoh Penikett (Dollhouse)

Is it any good?

Seeing it won’t start anytime soon, it’s hard to tell. But seeing that it’s Joss Whedon… Of course it’s gonna be good!

Wise career move?

Definitely when you’re aiming for the geek demographic. Which isn’t a bad move in itself.

Where would I have seen him?

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. As a Terminator of course.

Did I miss anyone? Oh, right!

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