nothing but the rain


Basically just your regular geek with all his geeky obsessions like Battlestar Galactica (obviously), comic books (I don’t have a collection though), physics (Science. It works, bitches.), obscure Star Wars references (mostly about things not being a moon), his extensive DVD collection (which I should re-order sometime soon) and pretty much all things Canadian (Some good, eh?).

What started out to be a blog about how melancholy a geek sometimes can get turned out to be a collection of Battlestar Galactica news and impressions, seasoned with the occasional update on new comic book movies and rarely other things that tickle my fancy.

If we shadows have offended (yup, I likes me some Shakespeare as well) or you out of any other reason have to get something out of your system, please feel free to comment on the posts or email me by clicking the fish.

In the meantime, enjoy your stay, tell your friends and don’t step on the lawn.


2 Responses to “whoami”

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